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Tricky Business 2





These activities support a mix of individual, paired and group work.

Before viewing

Give examples of, and describe the differences between, designer-label and high-street fashion. Which do you think is better and why?

Imagine that you are in charge of sorting out publicity for a large local charity event. In the next five minutes list all the people and organisations that you could ask and/or use to help you publicise the event. Share and discuss your ideas with others. Who has the largest network of contacts? Is there any particular reason for this?

Create a spidergram showing what you need in order to run, organise and manage a small fashion business.

Working as a group, and taking it in turns to contribute, construct a product and brand name alphabet (e.g. a is for apple, brand name Braeburn, b is for body spray, brand name Lynx). Try to complete the alphabet as quickly as possible. Review and discuss the outcomes. Did any letters of the alphabet cause problems? What does the activity tell you about the power of brand names?

After viewing

To view 4Learning video clips you will need Windows XP/2000 and Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11. Unfortunately, the clips are not supported on Macintosh computers.

The video clips may contain a few seconds of extra material at the beginning and end. We have therefore included opening and closing descriptions to help identify the intended scene.

Identifying products to licence
Clip one: 07:53 – 09:12

  • Opens with the narrator saying, 'Hannah and Alice like what John is saying and they begin their research.'
  • Closes with Toby saying, 'You could have been in consideration for the tie-in they've done with Habitat.'

Create a big picture of the Belle & Bunty brand. (Think about who it is for, how it looks, how it feels and what it says to customers.) List the product areas that the Belle & Bunty team feels are a natural progression from its brand. Do you agree that these items fit the Belle & Bunty brand? Why is it important for the team to protect the Belle & Bunty brand in any licensing agreements?

Clip two: 09:58 – 11:25

  • Opens with the narrator saying, 'But then more bad news interrupts everything.'
  • Closes with Alice saying, 'The journey that these samples will take is just starting now.'

Discuss how and why businesses use product samples as a marketing tool. Explain how Belle & Bunty use their samples and why they need to be perfect. Share your experiences of trying different product samples in shops, on the street or from magazines. Do these samples affect your purchasing decisions? What influences your purchasing decisions most? Would you advise start-up businesses to think about using samples to promote their products?

Learning the business
Clip three: 13:38 – 14:47

  • Opens with the narrator saying, 'Alice and Hannah have come up to Glasgow to see John on his own turf.'
  • Closes with Alice saying, 'We're learning as the business is growing and developing.'

Explain why Alice and Hannah feel more confident when designing clothes than when running their business. How are they learning their business skills? Do most entrepreneurs develop their skills in this way? Using the internet and other resources, research the help that is available to entrepreneurs starting up in business. Present your findings in a way that other young people can use.

Celebrity endorsement
Clip four: 16:46 – 18:34

  • Opens with the narrator saying, 'The press day was a humiliation and the team are glum.'
  • Closes with June Sarpong saying, 'Girls are like, "Oh, where's that from, is it a 'Belle & Bunty?"'

Discuss why June Sarpong's appearance on the TV show 'Dance Fever' was worth £20,000 of advertising to Belle & Bunty. Chart the pros and cons of celebrity endorsement for a product. Take a vote on whether it is a good idea for businesses to use celebrity endorsements to promote their products or services. Explore the reasons for any major differences in opinion.

Clip five: 19:10 – 19:56

  • Opens with the narrator saying, 'Belle & Bunty followed John's advice and aimed to strike a deal with Debenhams' Childrenswear Department.'
  • Closes with the narrator saying, 'It's the break they've been waiting for.'

Explain why the people in charge of childrenswear at Debenhams agreed to see the Belle & Bunty team. Do you agree with the view that networking is one of the most important skills that an entrepreneur can have? Entrepreneurs are not the only people who can benefit from networking. How could networking help you? Chart your network. Think about:

  • family and friends
  • teachers, tutors, lecturers and advisers
  • people in the local community
  • the people you work with
  • e-contacts
  • alumni (e.g. from your school or college).

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