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School of Hard Knocks
Andrew, Tom and Kamal
Take your place ringside at the School of Hard Knocks – a heavyweight production that pulls no punches.

Education doesn't get much tougher than this – come and experience the School of Hard Knocks, where the bell doesn't mean the end of a period, but the end of a three-minute round.

Welcome to Repton Boys Club, London's oldest boxing gym in the heart of the East End, a focal point of the community at large and testimony to sporting legends from Maurice Hope and Billy Walker to Audley Harrison.

In this unlikely setting Channel 4 follows the everyday lives of three teenagers, who share a passion for pugilism and the dream of ringside reverence.

For Tom, from a family of travellers, 13 years old and the youngest of 13 siblings, Repton gives him an opportunity to make his mark and a place to belong. For Kamal, a 19-year-old Asian, the institution gives him strength and purpose in life. And for 20-year-old, Bournemouth-based Andrew, the canvas and punch-bags provide the perfect places to control and positively focus his aggressive tendencies.

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With utmost respect for Tony Burns, Repton's Head Coach and 'Main Man', a true sense of discipline, worth and belonging, theirs is a gruelling regime of physical and mental endurance, providing stamina for their personal development both inside and outside the ring.

A far cry from the common misconception that boxing is an uncontrolled sport full of brutal thugs, the three use the sport to stay out of trouble, avoid negative distractions and keep their aggression within the confines of the gym.

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