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Trouble Online

Trouble Online is a five-part series, which follows the fortunes of young people who are making money from their own internet businesses. We see how they approach the business and cope with the demands of starting-up, sustaining success and expanding.

Furniture Farm: Sarah Green

Furniture Farm

Sarah Green is no ordinary 19-year-old. Her shrewd business sense and hard graft has earned her online company a turnover of nearly £120,000 in less than a year. But life isn't easy for her. She works alone most of the time and has never been in sole charge before. Can she really cope with running her own furniture business?

Cashing in on Clubbing

Cashing in on Clubbing

Most people would think a making a living out of clubbing was a mad idea but that's what John, Dave and Tim are doing. They run an online clubbing community with over 45,000 members. While everyone else in the club is spending money, these boys are making it. To succeed they need to move themselves and the HQ of their virtual clubbing community to the heart of the UK club scene – London. This has increased their overheads and the pressure is on for these internet pioneers to turn their online clubbing website into a proper business.

Hip Hop Shop: Carla Campbell

Hip Hop Shop

Up and down the country, millions of wannabe rap superstars and hopeful music producers are spending hours at home recording songs and mixing tracks. Carla Campbell, aged 27, believes that she can cash in on this enthusiasm and is opening a multimedia and music business. The shop needs to be ready for its grand opening tomorrow – but nothing is going to plan. Can she make it work?

Message Received: Matt McNeil

Message Received

It has been estimated that the average person receives more than 3,000 marketing messages every day. But the huge sums spent on marketing are wasted on people who just don't want to listen. It would be much better to concentrate on those who are genuinely interested in what you are selling, thinks 23-year-old Matt McNeil. And he reckons he's discovered how to do just that.

Surfing the Gap: Andy Fidler

Surfing the Gap

Whether it's backpacking across the Gobi desert or trekking over the Himalayas, taking a gap year before or after university has become a massive trend. Where to go, what to do and how to get there are questions every potential gapper asks. This could provide big bucks for Andy Fidler, whose company aims to provide the answers.


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