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The Cutting Club
The Cutting Club Group
One in ten teenagers will self-harm by the time they're 16.

Most young people don't want to talk about it because they don't want to be labelled a freak, a Goth or a wrist-slitter. The last thing they want to do is tell their mates or their families. How can you tell someone and expect them to understand when sometimes you don't even understand why you do it yourself?

The Cutting Club isn't about kids attention-seeking. It's about young people trying to find support and understanding for an act that is misrepresented in the media and stigmatised in society – and finding it in each other. It's told in their own words, featuring music and artwork by the contributors themselves.

Find out more about Nia, Abigail and Libby.

Find out more about the support website they are members of.

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