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Coming Out to Class


QBoy and class

QBoy goes back to school

Openly gay British rapper Marcos 'QBoy' Brito investigates the realities of coming out in Britain's schools. While he is now considered a brave man for coming out in the traditionally homophobic world of hip hop, he felt completely unable to do this at school.

QBoy finds that more and more young people are coming out to class, and at a younger age. But what has brought about this change?

He reflects on his own experience of school, and meets a new generation of young gay people. Together they explore issues around relationships, bullying and equality. QBoy takes his findings to Westminster, determined to ask questions of those who dictate policy.

The teenagers

  • Alex is 15 and from Ipswich. He came out in class after suffering continual insults and threats of violence.
  • Jamie lives in a conservative seaside town and came out at 13. He found the courage to stand up to bullies at school.
  • Jake attends an all boys school and faced rejection when he came out at 14. His school has helped students adopt a more accepting attitude.

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