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Viking settlers in Britain
QCA Unit 6C

Activities for home - Signs of the Times

We often name things after the Vikings or use Viking symbols in advertisements. Here are a few examples:

Rover, Viking Afloat, Viking Industrial Products Limited, Viking Removals and Viking Motel.

Images of Viking symbols

FindWhat does a Viking name or symbol suggest to you?

Can you find any other examples of Viking-inspired adverts or symbols? Try looking in the telephone directory for local companies, or in the local paper for sports teams.

Make a Viking brooch

You will need...

  1. Card

  2. Scissors

  3. Glue

  4. Baking foil

  5. Modelling material

  6. Dried peas, lentils or small pasta

  7. Sticky tape

  8. A safety pin

Try this...

  1. Draw a circle, or an oval on the card and cut it out.

  2. Roll out the modelling clay into a thin layer and place it on the card you have cut out.

  3. Stick the peas or pasta into the modelling material in a pattern, putting a big one in the centre.

  4. Cut out a piece of baking foil that is a bit bigger than the card.

  5. Smooth it over the modelling clay and beans, and fold it in at the back of the brooch.

  6. Attach the safety pin to the back of the brooch with sticky tape.

    Making a Viking Brooch