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Your area in Victorian times
QCA Unit 12

Activities for home - I spy Victorian buildings

FindAre there any houses like these where you live?

Which of the three do you think is Victorian?

Next time you go out, look for Victorian buildings in your local area. How many can you spot?

You could take photographs of them and make a local history book of your own.

Houses through the ages

Now try this...

Town map

FindYou will need a map or street directory for your nearest town. You can get one at the Tourist Information Centre.

Can you find:

  1. Somewhere named after Queen Victoria?

  2. Somewhere named after her husband, Prince Albert?

  3. Somewhere with Empire or Imperial in its name?

  4. Somewhere with Jubilee in its name?

  5. Somewhere named after Inkerman, Balaclava or Sebastopol? These were famous Victorian battles.

All these places were probably built and made in Victorian times.

Part of a town map