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Children in Victorian Britain
QCA unit 11

Activities for home - Victorian names

Think about...What kind of first names did Victorian parents give their children? (Names from the Bible, saints' names, Charlotte, Emily, Victoria, Albert, Edward, Hubert).

What names have become popular since then?

Think of people you know. Which have Victorian first names?

Make a Victorian peg doll

You will need:

  1. A dolly peg

  2. A pipe cleaner

  3. Scraps of material, lace, ribbon and wool

  4. Scissors

  5. Needle and thread

  6. Felt-tipped pens

How to make a Victorian peg doll

  1. Cut out two rectangular pieces of material for the sleeves, each 10 x 4cm

  2. Cut out a piece of material for the skirt measuring 12.5 x 11cm

  3. Wrap the middle of the pipe cleaner round the neck of the peg and twist it.

  4. Spread out the two ends to make arms.

  5. Fold both the sleeves in half long ways and sew them along one of the long sides to make two tubes.

  6. Fold the skirt in half longways and sew it along one side to make another tube.

  7. Sew around the top of the skirt and gather it to fit the peg.

  8. Fit on the sleeves. Fit on the skirt.

  9. Wrap ribbon round the top of the peg to hold the sleeves and skirt together.

  10. Draw a face with felt-tipped pens. Stick on wool for hair.