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Rich and poor in Tudor times
QCA Unit 8

Activities for home - Nosegay

The Tudors were always catching diseases. They didn’t know what caused them but they believed that strong smells could keep them away. They carried posies of herbs to keep off the plague.

Here’s how to make your own posy.

You will need:

  1. Garden herbs. Choose any that smell nice. Mint, parsley, lavender and thyme all work well. If you don’t have any in your garden, you can buy pots at the supermarket.

  2. One or two flowers to make your posy look pretty

  3. String

  4. Baking foil

  5. A paper doily

  6. Ribbon

Try this...

  1. Arrange the herbs in a posy.

  2. Put the flowers at the front.

  3. Tie the string round the stalks to hold the posy together.

  4. Wrap the baking foil round the stalks. Fold the paper doily in two and wrap it round the baking foil.

  5. Finish off by tying your posy with ribbon.

Now try this...

Tudor houses

What furniture have you got in your hall? Go and have a look. Now look at this list of furniture in the hall of one Tudor house.

How is it different? What do you notice about the spelling?

In ye hall

In primis a long broad and square board
Item ii benchis, ii stools and a chayre
Item ii candelsticks and a spyce crusher
Item iii platters, iiij porringers and iii sauwcers
Item iii salt spoons and a pewter cuppe
Item i paire of tongs and fyer pan
Item 1 curtin of yellowe vellet and his rod