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Roman settlers in Britain
QCA Unit 6A

Activities for home - Plan a settlement

Where do you live? Do you live on a farm, in a village or a town?

Try this...

  1. Make a plan of the perfect farm or village or town.

  2. Decide what areas you need and the best place to put them. Do you want to have straight streets, like the Romans, or wandering ones like the Celts?

  3. Label your plan, and put a ring around everything you feel you need which the Romans and the Celts would not have known about.

Now try this...

Roman numerals

Roman numerals are still used today. Think of where you might see them. See if you can find some more.

  1. Look at the numbers in the box and you will see Roman numerals together with the numbers the way we usually write them.

    Roman Numerals

    I = 1

    VI = 6

    L = 50

    II = 2

    VII = 7

    C = 100

    III = 3

    VIII = 8

    M = 1000

    IV = 4

    IX = 9



    V = 5

    X = 10

    Picture of a watch
  2. Using Roman numerals, design a number plaque for a front door. Perhaps you could use your own door number?