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Life in ancient Egypt
QCA Unit 10

Activities for home - Buried treasure

Archaeologists keep a very careful record of everything they find. Try your hand at digging up the past.

You will need:

  1. A large plastic tray. A seed tray works well.

  2. Sand or earth

  3. Scissors and string

  4. Some objects to bury. You could use coins, shells, bits of jewellery or bones.

  5. A teaspoon

  6. A paintbrush

  7. Pencil and paper

Try this...

  1. Fill the tray with sand or earth and bury the objects.

  2. Tie the string around the seed trays to divide it into squares.

  3. Draw the same pattern of squares on your piece of paper.

  4. Now excavate the sand tray very carefully. Use the teaspoon to begin with.

  5. When you find something, use the paintbrush to brush away the sand or earth.

  6. Draw the object carefully in the right place on your piece of paper.

  7. Then look for another object and record where you found it.

    Buried treasure

Now try this...

Visit a travel agency and collect some travel brochures about Egypt.

Find outLook through them and find out about places to visit, the currency and the climate. Find out different ways to travel from home to Cairo by air, by sea and overland.