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How and where we spend our time: QCA Unit 19

Our time is divided up into work and leisure time. Both are important parts of our lives.

As more and more amenities become available, leisure is becoming big business. Every age group is catered for in both the city and the countryside. In many places leisure is providing work for local people. Without the tourists they could not make enough money.

The world of work is changing: traditional heavy industries, such as coal mining and steel production, are being replaced by modern industrial units on the outskirts of towns. Many people now work from their homes and this will probably increase in the future. Fax, e-mail and the Internet mean that it is not always necessary to travel to an office or factory every day.

Some of our time is spent on buying things we need. We can do our shopping at a variety of places - at small local shops, at a market, at a nearby supermarket or at an out-of-town retail park. Some families enjoy spending a day at a retail park, but small local shops are losing money because of these developments. Also, it is usually essential to own a car to travel to the retail park.

Many goods can be ordered by mail order, over the phone, or via the Internet. This saves time which can be spent on more enjoyable hobbies and interests.